Sunday, 5 January 2014

November and December Sewing

I seem to have got a lot done during November and December.  More than I thought I had!  This pretty butterfly dress was for a good friend's beautiful little daughter.  I love the flutters on the straps!  It's a BOO!  Designs pinny, with a fuller skirt.

I made her a BOO! twirly skirt too.  I just love these colours together.

My daughter wanted a dress that would make her look like a dancer from the Strictly Come Dancing TV show.  The Candy Castle peppermint swirl dress seemed perfect for this, so I joined the sew-along in December, but decided I wouldn't buy any new fabric, just use what I had on the shelf.  Little girl adores yellow and pink, so this was an easy choice!

Covered snaps, to add a touch of class, and because the snaps I had didn't really match!

She absolutely loves this dress and would wear it all the time if she could.

The next thing is not my creation at all!  Big girl wanted to make her teaching assistant a special Christmas gift.  Earlier in the year, both girls grew their own lavender in the garden, and dried it, so she made a heart-shaped lavender bag.

Big girl was worried that she didn't have anything fancy enough to wear for the class Christmas party, so we put together a BOO! twirly skirt from my Christmas scraps.  I love it!

On 19 December (the last day of the school year) I smugly sat down and went through the list of Christmas presents for the children, happy that I'd got them all ready and wrapped, then realised I'd missed one!  The list said, "make little girl a Sofia the First dress"!  I dashed to the fabric shop, and over the next 4 nights I sewed till very late to make this.  The medallions are white fabric, cut out and appliqued on.  The top is Fairytale Designs' Mackenzie dress and the bottom is Candy Castle's princess dress.

Big girl helped choose the fabrics for this cute Brownie Goose Lazy Susan dress for her little sister.  I love the green with the Christmas print, and thought little hearts would be just right for the hem of the flutter sleeves.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, and wish everyone a wonderful 2014 with lots of sewing time!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Growing up too fast!

We have reached the stage where oldest girl (10) doesn't want to wear pink and frilly dresses any more!  Left to herself she would wear black all the time, but we have agreed that black and bright colours are great, just "no more pink and pastels, please Mum!"

So, since I had two yards of this lovely Jennifer Paganelli Carrie fabric in bright orange, I made her a BOO! Twirly Skirt, a matching belt for her insulin pump, and I appliqued a star in the orange fabric onto an old black t-shirt.  It must be OK, since I've been told she wants to wear it to the next school non-uniform day.  The highest accolade for a home-made outfit! 

The even better news is that I still have enough to make her a couple more skirts or a dress.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Pink Flower Fairy Dress

I made this dress for little girl (5) today.  The main part is a lovely Michael Miller Flower Fairies print.  Her big sister (10) has made herself a skirt with the pink fabric tonight.  When it's finished I'll take a photo to show you, because it's lovely.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Finally! Some sewing time.

 Today I managed to get some time to sew while the children were at school.  I made two pump belts for the elder children (which I have blogged about here) and because I didn't want little girl to feel left out, I made her favourite doll a new dress from scraps left over from this dress.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Another Catch-Up Post!

Once again, I've neglected the blog, although I've made plenty of things since last time I posted.  I'll try to show a few of them here, although I'm sure I'll forget a lot.

One quilt square for my sister's quilt.

Bunting for my eldest daughter's birthday.

New cushions for the sofa.

Another quilt block for my sister, who likes elephants.

A party dress for a little friend, with hidden access for an insulin pump belt.

A matching pump belt.

The dress had little cupcake snaps all down the back.

and a matching handbag.

 A frilly apron for a very special friend.